Mark Zuckerberg and the recipe for entrepreneurial success.

1 settembre 2016
Posted by Francesca Segala

Last Monday, Lisari’s CEO Antonio Vecchio participated to the Town Hall Questions & Answer session with Mark Zuckerberg at Luiss University, in Rome. Throughout the session Zuckerberg shared some interesting considerations on what it takes to reach success.

After opening with some considerations about Italy and Rome, Zuckerberg answered the questions of the audience.

He gave some interesting insights about his entrepreneurial experience, and what he learnt from it. First of all, he focused on the necessity of being perseverant and work hard when founding a company, and being resilient after failures. He also talked about the importance of the team, saying that the idea that the whole company success can be attributed just to a single person is misleading, as success wouldn’t be possible without a cohesive team. Finally, he highlighted how quick learning is essential when founding a business.

Our CEO was honoured to assist to the event. He said: “Zuckerberg’s words were inspiring and confirmed what we observe every day in our startup: working hard is the only way to reach positive results. By working in a startup you always face obstacles, and sometimes you fail. It is important to believe in the product and to take failures as an opportunity to learn and improve. Also, the team is essential. No one can build a successful product of his own, but just with the support and hard work of a team composed by talented people”.